Hello friends, trust your day is going well.

Today’s post is a sequel to yesterday’s topic. In my earlier post I noted that goals are objectives, aims, or practically any project you intend to achieve especially with the year in view.

Goals are beautiful and very important to have. However, for goals to be actualized you need a clear action plan. Having a goal is knowing what to do. On the other hand, an action plan details how you intend to achieve your goals!

A goal without an action plan is more like wishful thoughts. No one becomes a medical doctor in 2027 by just declaring it as a 2020 goal, it requires an action plan- ‘you may need to write a school certificate exam, take a higher institution entrance exam, you may even need to draw up a plan for your tuition fees, and so on’.

To drive the point home, having a goal without putting up an action plan is like intending to ascend to the top of a mountain and circling around the base of that mountain with the hope that you will end up at the topšŸ™„. We all know the outcome of such a venturešŸ˜’.

So to have an effective and achievable set of goals this year, it is imperative that you also draw up an action plan. Your action plan acts as a guide regarding the steps you take towards your goals!


  1. It helps you develop a workable strategy for achieving your goals.
  2. It helps you explore and decide on the best resources you will need to start and finish your project.
  3. It helps you carry out a proper cost evaluation.
  4. It helps you set a time frame for achieving your goals.
  5. It helps you monitor and measure your progress in relation to time, expenditure and the size of project that is left.
  6. It keeps you accountable.

So as you ponderšŸ¤” on those NEW YEAR resolutions and goals you have penned down for the year, do well to add an ACTION PLAN alongsidešŸ‘!

Enjoy a productive day and do well to drop your comments. Thanks.


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