Five Key Areas To Set Goals

Hello friends, in case you haven’t noticed we are a couple of days into January 2020 already! Wow!! Before you know it we will be reviewing the year 2020! Thinking too ahead right😉!? That’s on a lighter note 😃

Today I will be looking at some key areas to set goals this year.

Effective goal setting involves your ability to focus on specific aspects of your life with the aim of making tangible improvements in these areas. Now let’s delve into the five Key areas to set goals in no particular order:

  1. PHYSICAL GOALS: these are goals that relate to your health, fitness and wellness. These goals can be channelled towards any of the following: food and diet, exercise and recreation, rest and sleep, medical checkups, weight loss or weight gain, building stamina and endurance, etc. The essence of physical goals is to improve your physical condition, appearance, health, confidence and efficiency.
  2. PERSONAL GROWTH GOALS: these are goals geared towards improving your mind capacity with regards to your mental/emotional stability and emotional intelligence. Personal growth goals can also be channelled towards improving your skill-set and creative ability. These goals can include; personal-book-study, seminars and trainings to attend, brainstorming sessions, mentoring and accountability sessions, etc.
  3. FINANCIAL GOALS: basically these goals help you improve the quality of your financial life. These goals cover your spending, what you intend to save, specific plans on how to grow your income and finance, etc. As a matter of fact, the health of your financial goals directly affects your ability to meet up with your other goals especially if they require resources and some level of financial commitment.
  4. CAREER/BUSINESS GOALS: these goals focus on how best you can improve your career or grow your business whichever side of the divide you belong. Career and business goals can include; deciding on courses to take, new skills to acquire, how to expand your business and your network, how to grow your reach, how to maximise the internet to grow your business, deciding on your target audience, etc.
  5. FAMILY AND SOCIAL GOALS: these goals focus on improving the quality of your important relationships. These goals cover marriage relationships for couples, friendship and citizenship. It’s about better harnessing your relationships with the understanding that it is a very powerful tool.

It’s important to conclude this post by noting that you may not necessarily have to outline goals in all the above listed aspects. The key is to be able to identify and focus on at least one area where tangible improvements is needed. For goals, ONE STEP AT A TIME WORKS!

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