The world as we know it today is STAR jinxed! Many people desire to have their own shot at fame and stardom and are willing to go to any length. Some others revere and hero-worship their ‘celebrity’ Entertainment and Sports Superstars, holistically copying their public lifestyle and behavior.

This hunger for fame and adulation for celebrities has led many to live their lives on a constant masquerade! People are constantly trying to meet up with their public persona-to the point that they don’t actually care or see the need for originality anymore. The influence of social media and the entertainment industry in promoting this kind of lifestyle where people trade their uniqueness for popularity and fame can not be exaggerated.

Essentially, a large number of young people today spend their lives trying to copy a famous individual or simply trying to create a popular persona at the expense of realness and authenticity. We find ourselves in a dilemma where people derive their identity and live their lives off other peoples opinion about them.

Unfortunately, we have become too familiar with some of the scorecard for this type of lifestyle: we now have a high number of depressed teenagers and young adults, others feel so lost and out of touch with reality, while there are those who out rightly get tired of living and may become suicidal. The real struggle here is that of IDENTITY.

Each human being is meant to be a unique entity with a personality, ability and skill set that further buttresses this fact. We are all meant to be ORIGINALS! we were never meant to try to copy someone else.

Human beings were never meant to be photocopying machines trying to duplicate a successful specimen! We were never meant to live just for the glamour and fame.

The human life means much more than that! Little wonder why no two humans-even perfectly identical twins -have the same fingerprints! This tells us that there can never truly be anyone like us and that we can never truly be just like someone else.

Your identity should not be shaped or defined by people’s opinions, social media, Hollywood and Bollywood, and the likes. Your identity is who you truly are in all sense of uniqueness and not under the estimations or approval of another human! Your identity is about searching and listening to a deeper calling from within, it is about following your heart.

In a nutshell, your identity is who you are; it comprises your personality, temperament, character, abilities and skills, as well as what you make out of your life experiences. Your identity is what makes you different from everyone else.

Discovering your true identity is one of the greatest adventures you’ll ever embark on. It can be an exciting, scary and maybe even confusing journey at times. However, it still remains a prerequisite for living a meaningful, purposeful and impactful life. Knowing who you are equips you to live a life that is not centred on YOU, but rather is centred on being the answer to a specific “need of humanity”. People who have left a mark on the sands of time are people who have understood this principle. To live without knowing who you are is to live without direction and clarity-you become only second best trying to be like another person and this comes along with so much confusion and frustration! Knowing your identity adds value to your life, it helps you to be comfortable in your own skin and enables you to pursue your life purpose.

That’s all for today as I leave you with these parting questions: DO YOU KNOW WHO WHO ARE? ARE YOU LIVING AN ORIGINAL LIFE? Endeavor to drop your comments. Until next time, stay real and stay safe!

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