Hello friends, today we will begin a series on keys to making progress in this new decade and era.

To make progress with our lives and our goals we all need to possess the right attributes.

First off in this series is ATTITUDE. What is attitude?

Attitude is an inward feeling expressed by behavior, it is our view point and belief about life. Attitude is said to define the personality of a human.

Your attitude and your potential go hand in hand. Attitude determines success or failure: for some, attitude presents a difficulty in every opportunity; for others, it presents an opportunity in every difficulty. Some climb with a positive attitude, while others fall with a negative perspective- your attitude shapes how you view life.

Attitude is a powerful tool that makes a big difference in the outcomes of our lives. Our attitude defines how far we can go in life.

Moving on, we will look next at what shapes attitude.


Irrespective of the stage we currently find ourselves, attitude can be shaped and reshaped. It is therefore important to know what shapes our attitudes. The following shapes your attitude:

Your Personality: this is who you are, your uniqueness, your temperament, your behavior, how you respond to things. It is greatly influenced by your genes and hormonal makeup. This is your natural make-up.

Environment : attitude can be shaped by our environment, that is what is around us. For instance, if you find yourself in an environment where education is valued, it shows up in the pursuits of the people in that locality. On the other extreme, people who grow up in slums and gang/drug controlled areas may pick an attitude of drug abuse and violence.

Adult Acceptance and Influence : the prevalent atmosphere in a home plays a huge role in shaping the attitudes of the children that grow up in that space. Attitude is contagious and children are the most vulnerable. An atmosphere where love, care, kindness, forgiveness, support, hardwork, commitment, discipline, etc, is prevalent will more likely than not positively influence the attitude and behavior of people that come out from that space and vice versa.

Self-Image and Esteem: how you see yourself can influence your attitude. People with a healthy self image are more comfortable in their own skin and transmit it in the way they treat other people.

Your Life Experiences : what we go through in life – our successes, failures, victories, disappointments, interactions, work, etc, affects our attitude either positively or negatively. Our life experiences impact on our mindset and can influence our behavior.

Peers and Friends : your attitude is greatly influenced by the human companies you keep. We consciously and unconsciously pick up habits from our friends and peers. Little wonder it is commonly said, “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”.

Now let’s delve into a few things we need to know about attitude.

  1. Attitude has the power to elevate or tear down an individual, a family, a team or an organization. In life, if you want great results, then you need people who have great skills and fantastic attitudes.
  2. Your attitude determines your approach to life. It is our attitude that shapes our life’s expectations.
  3. Our attitude determines the quality of our human relationships. Your relationships are greatly impacted by your attitude, whether they are family, societal, work or business relationships.
  4. Our attitude decides whether we are successful or not in life. In fact, your attitude determines whether you can handle success and influence.
  5. Our attitudes can help us to stay positive even in the midst of challenges.
  6. Your attitude influences your commitment towards an assignment or project.
  7. Finally, attitude can be reshaped. With intentional work, we can change a wrong attitude that is negatively impacting on the quality of our lives.

If you will progress in this decade, then you must possess the right attitude- a positive and creative attitude irrespective of the challenges that may turn up along the way.

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