We all seem to enjoy stories and movies that end with a “happily ever after” theme😀. After all, who wouldn’t want to get the best from life with just little or no effort? These story lines sell big time because they resonate with our natural human inclination.

Even get-rich-quick schemes like lotteries, sports betting and gambling offer a promise of instant wealth and happiness without much effort – all you need, they say is a fair dose of luck and some magical numbers! “Easy kinda like sounds better than hard work”.

Deep down inside, all humans desire positive outcomes from their life endeavors. We dream of great relationships, profitable and expanding businesses, career growth, peak health, mental wellness, and much more.

However, we know too well that nothing comes to us just based on our wishes -we don’t always get what we want from life. Rather, we get what we demand from life through our committed efforts!

If we ever truly want to get the best from our lives and endeavors, then we need COMMITMENT.

Commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, a person, an activity, an agreement, etc. It is the quality of seeing something to the end. To have commitment is to have devotion, faithfulness, fidelity, attentiveness.

It is commitment that takes you from the starting point of a project or assignment to the point where tangible growth and rewards can be measured. It helps you zero in on a goal until it is achieved.

In fact, as humans we may never be able to accomplish anything meaningful with our time and efforts until we bring COMMITMENT to the bargaining table.

To build fantastic relationships, families, organisations, businesses, career, and anything worthwhile, you need to be intentional and committed to that cause.

Whenever we are committed to a cause, we foster an atmosphere of loyalty and trust. Take for example, in a union between husband and wife, commitment helps to deepen the quality of that relationship by eliminating spoilers like suspiscion, fear and insecurity- at the same time the presence of commitment allows for openness, it builds trust and devotion.


  1. Commitment requires hardwork and effort. Rome wasn’t built in a day, it required intellectual and architectural work. Commitment doesn’t assume anything is going to be easy, it is willing and ready to put in the right amount of time and effort needed to get the desired end result.
  2. Commitment is contagious! Committed people have a good self concept and this makes them attractive to others around them or in their team.
  3. Commitment helps us deal with distractions and second rate alternatives in our pathway. It helps you keep your focus on the PRIZE!
  4. Commitment promotes peace, trust, loyalty and devotion.
  5. Commitment ensures we are advancing in our desired direction. It equips us to make progress in life.
  6. Finally, commitment produces positive results. You hardly ever miss the mark on a cause if you are committed to it.

As you forge ahead in the year, remember that you need commitment to be able to make progress with your goals and visions.

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