TECHNOLOGY AND YOU: How To Stay In Control

It is almost unimaginable to think about a world without technology and gadgets especially the INTERNET and SOCIAL MEDIA. It leaves you wondering what life was like in the eras before the eighteenth century when there were no high tech gadgets especially if you are part and parcel of our tech savvy 21st century.

Needless to say that technology has brought about remarkable transformation to our world, influencing the human experience in diverse ways most of which have been really positive. In a general sense, life has become much easier, work has been made more efficient, faster and less stressful, even communication can now be done to almost any destination globally from any part of the world.

With all these beautiful benefits of technology, it’s hard to envisage that this same tool can become a major distraction, subtly stifling the creative ability of unsuspecting victims if not handled properly.

The essence of this post is not to cry about the evils of technology – enough materials have been published in that light. The focus here is to learn how to stay in control in a virtual and technologically driven world. If you truly desire to maximize your life, effectively manage your time, and optimise your relationships, then you need to be in control of your high tech habits.


  1. Have a clear identity and healthy self image: Many people today measure their level of relevance and self-worth with their social media presence and engagement, or by their internet experiences. The more likes, comments or followers they receive on their respective platforms, the happier they become- a lack of these can even be read as rejection and a lack of approval. This is giving too much power to virtual relationships to give our own lives a sense of purpose and worth. You must endeavor to have a clear identity of your purpose in life and understand your uniqueness as a human being – this knowledge keeps you free from the trap of seeking human approval from the nook and cranny of the world.
  2. Do life with a scheduled calendar: Drawing up daily, weekly, monthly or yearly schedules can help you better utilize the gift of time that you receive on a day to day basis. Schedule activities that cut across the important aspects of your life including family and recreation. Living life on the spur of the moment is allowing so much space and time for distractions and time wasters. To mismanage time is actually to mismanage your life.
  3. Prioritize your schedule: It is one thing to have a schedule-which captures in a general sense how you intend to spend your time, but it is a much better practice to put your intended activities into a prioritised action chart beginning from what is most important. Doing this helps you ensure that you utilize your peak hours daily for creative and important activities.
  4. Set time limits for hobbies and recreational activities: It is necessary to check and set limits when it relates to how much time you are going to spend on that hobby, game or social media platform.
  5. Take the effort to build and nurture real-life relationships: Our greatest fulfillments in life are usually tied to relationships. It is therefore necessary to build and nurture our real-life relationships since they have the power to shape and color the outcome of your life.

On a final note, always remember that technology is supposed to make your life more fulfilling and productive. Utilize it as your servant, never allow it become your slave master. Stay in charge!

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