Let’s Talk About LOVE!

Hello friends, trust February has been a remarkable month for you. The yearly Valentine’s Day Celebration aka “Lover’s Day” has come and gone within the month and my question for you is: how is your love-life and your love-walk?

Everyone talks about love, whether it’s in local and international movies, songs, write-ups, or even our words. We all seem to have an idea of what LOVE looks like or should be like.

People crave for that special someone who would love and accept them as they are. It is often said that: “every human deserves to have someone to love and to be loved in return”. However, the obvious challenge is that people’s perception of what TRUE LOVE IS can differ in the same way as their changing emotions and life experiences.

There are those who define love as a feeling, a tingling sensation you have on your inside, or a rush of emotions. Some equate love with simply the act of sex, it is merely seen as a game that adults play. For others love is that thing that makes you loose your sense of reasoning and common sense each time you are with the one you love. Actually, these are just a few sample of what love means to different people. The verdict from most of these views about love is that many see it as something that is centered around them.

Without intending this to be a spoiler, I want to categorically define love as an action-word which focuses on selfless and sacrificial giving. Love is other person centered not self centered– in it’s pure form, love is about caring and meeting the genuine needs of another human being and not necessarily because they deserve it.

Let’s drive this concept home by looking at what genuine love is and is not.


  1. Love is Truthful not Tricky: Genuine love speaks the truth and thrives in honesty. It doesn’t deceive or feed on lies. Con artists deploy trickery to cheat their victims of their possessions but that shouldn’t be the attitude of people who claim to be in love. Genuine love is real and authentic.
  2. Love Inspires not Intoxicate: Love that is genuine always looks out for ways to inspire and motivate the beloved, it encourages commitment to set goals and visions. Love is not an uncontrollable and intoxicating feeling of emotions. To be intoxicated is to lose common sense and control of your actions and decisions- drunkards know this feeling all too well.
  3. Love is Trustworthy not Thorny: The foundation of any relationship that will be successful must be built on trust. Trust thrives on openness and sincerity. On the other hand, to be thorny is to be full of difficulties or controversial.
  4. Love is Ambitious not an Ambush: Genuine love doesn’t encourage a loss of purpose, it never stiffles growth and advancement. An ambush aims to keep something trapped or caged without the freedom to advance. Love encourages focus and commitment to purpose.
  5. Love is Noble not Nostalgic: Genuine love carries itself and treats others as royalty. It is courteous, polite, composed, hospitable and compassionate. It is not over the moon and head over heels. In other words, genuine love is not controlled by hormones and emotions, it is controlled by knowledge, wisdom and understanding.
  6. Love Improves not Imprison: Love seeks for ways to add value to the other person. It believes in the best of the beloved and is not jealous or insecure. Love is not controlling, it doesn’t seek to regiment the life of the other person.
  7. Love is Committed not Comparing: Genuine love is willing and ready to put in the time and effort required to make it work. It doesn’t cower and run away at the slightest hint of misunderstanding and challenges. Also, love doesn’t engage in the act of comparing the beloved with other people in any aspect or respect. Love takes pride in it’s own, it is content and satisfied with what it has.
  8. Finally, Love is Selfless not Selfish: Like I stated in my definition of love, it is simply an act of selfless giving, going the extra mile to add value to another life. Love doesn’t focus on these three words- “ME, MYSELF and I”. This is not a neglect of one’s own needs but rather an understanding that the world is too big to revolve just around us and our personal needs. Come to think of it, if everyone who claims to love another person is wholly dedicated to selflessly adding value to them, neither of their genuine needs will be left uncatered for.

Learning to love right will go a long way in helping to make the world a better and safer place for all of mankind to live in.

Once again, how is your love life and your love walk? Remember to leave your thoughts and comments on the topic discussed. Do stay safe and love right!

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