What Keeps You Going In Life?

The human life and existence is intricate, delicate and somewhat even fragile. Life is in phases and it is filled with ups and downs.

Sometimes, we enjoy moments filled with pump and pageantry, laughter, rich and rewarding relationships, as well as fantastic achievements and enriching experiences.

At other times, life can deal us a tough hand, leaving us hurt, broken, or even feeling empty.

In a nutshell, life can be sweet at one point and rather tough at another moment. It can give us moments of excitement and joy and then throw up challenging experiences.

It’s rather easy to throttle on in life with a spring in our step when things are looking great and going as planned. However, it’s a much more difficult proponent if we have to forge on when tough times hit and when we are left barely clinging for survival.

The essence of this post is to explore steps we can take to make it through tough times intact and with enough desire to forge ahead with our life’s vision and purpose. Dr Robert Schuller once stated that “tough times never last but tough people do”.

What keeps you going in life when the chips are down and when you have your back on the floor? How do you see past the challenge and still envision a bright and successful future? The following steps will help:

  1. Rather than give in to fate, you need to hold on to FAITH: fate is what life throws at you and sometimes it can be quite unpalatable and unbearable. On the other hand, faith is what you expect and anticipate to receive from life. Faith draws from the belief in the fact that your life is much greater then a passing moment in time. This faith overall needs to be anchored on an understanding of who you really are which starts with discovering your God given identity.
  2. You need CONFIDENCE: this sounds a bit counter intuitive -you imagine! How can someone who is down find confidence? The fact is , the way up out of a rot or difficult moment is learning to remain confident or regain confidence. Confidence is simply the belief that you have the ability to do things well or deal with situations successfully. it is choosing not to give up and throw in the towel but rather mustering the courage to keep on fighting till you see light at the end of the dark tunnel. You actually never do much in life if you do not have confidence in yourself irrespective of whether other people do or do not.
  3. You need HONESTY to deal with the situation: there is rarely any problem in life without a solution. In fact, the human mind has great ability to come up with solutions to the challenges it encounters over time. However, the first step to any meaningful solution to any challenge is to be brutally honest about the current state of things. Self denial never solves a problem. To be honest is to be frank, truthful and realistic about how things really are right now. It is having a willingness to get to the root-cause of a problem, so that proffered solutions will deal not only with the consequences or effects but most importantly with the causative factor.
  4. You need a healthy SUPPORT SYSTEM: it is commonly said that ‘no man is an island of himself’ and rightly so! We all need people who can work through our difficult moments with us, family and friends who can serve as anchor points. The truth is, we all thrive from the positive energy that other people bring to our lives especially during tough times. Having a healthy support system helps us rebound and heal faster much more than we can do all by ourselves when we go through difficult times and seasons.
  5. Finally, you need to RE-CAST your VISION:: one sure way to generate staying power during tough times is to re-cast your vision. This simply means reminding yourself of your desired destination irrespective of your current situation- it is going back to your destiny or vision drawing board and catching inspiration again. Doing this helps to re-energize you with renewed focus and passion for your vision or life goal.

Never allow tough times to put a cap on your potential or destiny, you have staying power to come through victoriously!

2 thoughts on “What Keeps You Going In Life?

  1. Perfect inspiring read . What kept me going was hope that I can be happy following my dreams & doing my best to get them . But I wouldn’t have done it without the support of my wife & son . They believed what I believed …’ that kept me going .

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