Adventure! (living life to the fullest)

Hello friends, hope you are safe and well. The entire world as we know it is currently battling the Corona virus epidemic. In times like this it seems easier to become fearful and give up on life, on our life purpose and our dreams. But we must choose to continue to believe for the best outcomes for our lives, for our loved ones and for the entire world.

It is important to continue to see and live life as an adventure if we truly intend to maximize our time on earth.

According to the the dictionary of contemporary English, an adventure is an exciting experience in which unusual things happen. The spirit of adventure is a willingness to try new things, take risks and much more.

Little children naturally possess an adventurous spirit. They dare to dream of beautiful outcomes and always seem to be ready to explore with new things. For them, each of life’s scenario they encounter strikes up pictures and stimulates their imaginative spirit. Children are simply able to dream without restraint and apology!

We do however notice that as we all grow older and begin to experience disappointments, unmet expectations, unfulfilled dreams, and the weight of responsibilities, we start losing our ability to dream, our willingness to explore new horizons, and our ability to paint and pursue a picture of a desired future in our minds.

It seems like in growing up we lose the spark we once had as little kids which was able to transform the most mundane of things into exciting adventures!

With this new reality, many people today settle into a mediocre and routine life filled with regimented activities. We get into adulthood bearing little or no similitude to the free spirits we once were as kids, instead settling into a life lived to simply meet basic personal or family needs.

Interestingly, the human life and mind was never meant to be cocooned or to lose it’s adventurous spirit!

Our lives were actually designed to be like an adventure game – beginning with the discovery of self and purpose, and then followed by a life long journey towards fulfilling this purpose; while at the same time overcoming numerous obstacles and trailing new paths on the way.

For us to be able to accomplish this type of fulfilling and exciting life, we need to re-learn how to dream and imagine creatively with our minds like our younger selves once did.

Thus, to live life to the fullest we need to do the following:

  1. Discover your life purpose: Never settle into other people’s routine. Find out why you are here on earth because this is the actual thing that makes you unique. As a Christian, I believe that you can only discover your true purpose in God.
  2. Take ownership of your life and destiny: Don’t leave the reins of your life to fate or give it up to other people- you wouldn’t like the choices they will make for you. It’s important to take responsibility for the direction you want your life to follow.
  3. Get out of your comfort zone: These zones can become hindrances to our true potentials when we choose to coast in the comfort and security they seemingly provide. To be more, we must be willing to do more and that requires us to step out sometimes into uncharted territory.
  4. Identify and improve on your strengths: We are all gifted with unique abilities that help us fulfill our life purpose. These unique abilities are strengths and we should commit to identifying and improving on them so we can better impact our world.
  5. Be a trail blazer: Living an adventurous life requires that we are bold and ready to go to New paths never travelled before.
  6. Be fearless: To live life to the fullest, we must be fearless and rise above the ashes of our past failures. We should be ready to learn from our past experiences but never allow it to shackle our future.
  7. Be a learner: Get exposure and knowledge. To stay relevant and make appropriate changes in life, we need to maintain the attitude of a learner. It is important to have a readiness to learn from our experiences, successes, failures, other people, etc.
  8. Finally, Keep the right company: To live life to the fullest, you must endeavor to keep company with only people who are committed to maximizing their potential and are not afraid to pursue their life vision. There is no such thing as safety in the crowd if all that crowd is focused on is simply existing and not living purposefully.

Start living life to the fullest! See life as an adventure with you as the main cast navigating through challenging but exciting terrains. Live with purpose and live each day intentionally.

Stay safe and feel free to drop your comments.

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