Hello friends, it’s been a while. Hope you are safe and well.

The world is constantly changing and we must learn how to embrace the new if we are to stay relevant and continue to make progress.

Making progress in life entails these three things: knowing when to let go of the old; being prepared to move on to something different; and learning how to embrace what’s new! We will look into each of these steps in more details shortly.

You can’t truly get the best out of life if you keep looking to the past – this would be like attempting to drive a vehicle forward but keeping your eyes fixed on the rear mirror – you are only sure to encounter more hiccups than you could possibly enjoy any form of meaningful progress.

In order to make progress in life you must endeavor to apply the three steps mentioned above.

1. LET GO OF THE PAST: You can’t advance when life is on ‘auto-reverse’. Holding on to past successes, achievements, failures, or disappointments can become hindrances in our quest to make progress in life.

When it comes to past experiences especially negative ones, the right response will be to learn valuable lessons from these experiences and then move on without having our hearts encumbered with bitterness, resentment or any other negative emotion for that matter.

It is also very important to realize when the old no longer works especially if you’ve enjoyed some success in the past.

Holding on to the past no matter how beautiful it had been (without positioning for new things) will keep you from embracing what’s new and better. Know when to let go!

2. BE PREPARED TO MOVE ON: It’s not enough to let go of the past but fail to prepare for something new. Too many people have summoned the courage to get out of toxic relationships, end bad business associations, etc, but not many have been bold to take the next step – which is to be prepared to move on!

Usually, this is caused by holding on to negative emotions from past negative experiences or staying trapped in the illusions and security of past successes.

To advance and make progress in our lives, we must not only be willing to let go of the past, we should also prepare ourselves to move on to something different and better.

3. LEARN TO EMBRACE WHAT’S NEW : To learn is to gain or acquire knowledge of something by study, experience or by being taught. It also means to familiarize oneself with, to digest, grasp, master, become expert in, apply oneself to, and to pursue.

If you are to make progress in life you must learn to accept and embrace new things. This means you are ready to gain new mastery, you are ready to acquaint yourself with someone or something different, you are ready to gain proficiency in something entirely new, you are ready to pick up a new challenge and write a new chapter of your life, you are ready to pursue and build something new.

What things should you learn to embrace if you want to make progress? You should embrace new people, new ideas, new skills, new ways of thinking about problems and their solutions, new innovations and technology, new connections and relationships.

Ultimately, you must also embrace the fact that life is constantly changing and that you need to be adaptable and proactive to maximize change.

Hope you found this piece quite informative. Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment section and remember to click the follow icon so you can get updates sent to you directly.

Bye for now. Stay safe and enjoy a productive week.

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