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Dealing With Distractions: maximising the commodity called TIME

Hello friends, today we will be looking at how we can deal with distractions that crop up during our year so that we can better utilize the essential and irreplaceable commodity called TIME. Let's begin by first looking at the definition of the word distraction. A distraction is something that stops you from paying attention … Continue reading Dealing With Distractions: maximising the commodity called TIME

Developing Resolve: how to achieve your goals

Hello friends, it's another beautiful day to be alive! Hope your year is up and running. As I conclude my posts on goals, it is imperative to look at some roadblocks to achieving your goal and how developing resolve can help you overcome them. The aim is to ensure that we are able to achieve … Continue reading Developing Resolve: how to achieve your goals

Five Key Areas To Set Goals

Hello friends, in case you haven't noticed we are a couple of days into January 2020 already! Wow!! Before you know it we will be reviewing the year 2020! Thinking too ahead right😉!? That's on a lighter note 😃 Today I will be looking at some key areas to set goals this year. Effective goal … Continue reading Five Key Areas To Set Goals


Hello friends, trust your day is going well. Today's post is a sequel to yesterday's topic. In my earlier post I noted that goals are objectives, aims, or practically any project you intend to achieve especially with the year in view. Goals are beautiful and very important to have. However, for goals to be actualized … Continue reading SETTING OUT YOUR ACTION PLAN

Importance of Goals

Hello friends, and welcome to the year 2020. It's the start of a new decade and a beautiful opportunity to take control of the direction of your life- it's never too late to start heading in the right direction and making the positive changes your life and your loved ones deserve. This happens to be … Continue reading Importance of Goals