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Adventure! (living life to the fullest)

Hello friends, hope you are safe and well. The entire world as we know it is currently battling the Corona virus epidemic. In times like this it seems easier to become fearful and give up on life, on our life purpose and our dreams. But we must choose to continue to believe for the best … Continue reading Adventure! (living life to the fullest)


What Keeps You Going In Life?

The human life and existence is intricate, delicate and somewhat even fragile. Life is in phases and it is filled with ups and downs. Sometimes, we enjoy moments filled with pump and pageantry, laughter, rich and rewarding relationships, as well as fantastic achievements and enriching experiences. At other times, life can deal us a tough … Continue reading What Keeps You Going In Life?

Let’s Talk About LOVE!

Hello friends, trust February has been a remarkable month for you. The yearly Valentine's Day Celebration aka "Lover's Day" has come and gone within the month and my question for you is: how is your love-life and your love-walk? Everyone talks about love, whether it's in local and international movies, songs, write-ups, or even our … Continue reading Let’s Talk About LOVE!

TECHNOLOGY AND YOU: How To Stay In Control

It is almost unimaginable to think about a world without technology and gadgets especially the INTERNET and SOCIAL MEDIA. It leaves you wondering what life was like in the eras before the eighteenth century when there were no high tech gadgets especially if you are part and parcel of our tech savvy 21st century. Needless … Continue reading TECHNOLOGY AND YOU: How To Stay In Control

Keys To Making Progress: #3. SELF DISCIPLINE

Elite athletes, top sports men and women, A-list artists and entertainers just to mention a few are usually celebrated, appreciated and even idolized by their adoring fans. We deeply appreciate the quality and value that they bring to their respective fields. Fans are often left dazzled by their unique talents and mind-blowing skills. Household names … Continue reading Keys To Making Progress: #3. SELF DISCIPLINE