Keys To Making Progress: #3. SELF DISCIPLINE

Elite athletes, top sports men and women, A-list artists and entertainers just to mention a few are usually celebrated, appreciated and even idolized by their adoring fans. We deeply appreciate the quality and value that they bring to their respective fields. Fans are often left dazzled by their unique talents and mind-blowing skills. Household names … Continue reading Keys To Making Progress: #3. SELF DISCIPLINE


#2 We all seem to enjoy stories and movies that end with a "happily ever after" theme😀. After all, who wouldn't want to get the best from life with just little or no effort? These story lines sell big time because they resonate with our natural human inclination. Even get-rich-quick schemes like lotteries, sports betting … Continue reading KEYS TO MAKING PROGRESS: #2 Commitment


Hello friends, today we will begin a series on keys to making progress in this new decade and era. To make progress with our lives and our goals we all need to possess the right attributes. First off in this series is ATTITUDE. What is attitude? Attitude is an inward feeling expressed by behavior, it … Continue reading KEYS TO MAKING PROGRESS: #1 Attitude


The world as we know it today is STAR jinxed! Many people desire to have their own shot at fame and stardom and are willing to go to any length. Some others revere and hero-worship their 'celebrity' Entertainment and Sports Superstars, holistically copying their public lifestyle and behavior. This hunger for fame and adulation for … Continue reading THE IDENTITY CRISIS: Who Am I?