Let’s Talk About LOVE!

Hello friends, trust February has been a remarkable month for you. The yearly Valentine's Day Celebration aka "Lover's Day" has come and gone within the month and my question for you is: how is your love-life and your love-walk? Everyone talks about love, whether it's in local and international movies, songs, write-ups, or even our … Continue reading Let’s Talk About LOVE!


#2 We all seem to enjoy stories and movies that end with a "happily ever after" theme😀. After all, who wouldn't want to get the best from life with just little or no effort? These story lines sell big time because they resonate with our natural human inclination. Even get-rich-quick schemes like lotteries, sports betting … Continue reading KEYS TO MAKING PROGRESS: #2 Commitment


Hello friends, today we will begin a series on keys to making progress in this new decade and era. To make progress with our lives and our goals we all need to possess the right attributes. First off in this series is ATTITUDE. What is attitude? Attitude is an inward feeling expressed by behavior, it … Continue reading KEYS TO MAKING PROGRESS: #1 Attitude

Developing Resolve: how to achieve your goals

Hello friends, it's another beautiful day to be alive! Hope your year is up and running. As I conclude my posts on goals, it is imperative to look at some roadblocks to achieving your goal and how developing resolve can help you overcome them. The aim is to ensure that we are able to achieve … Continue reading Developing Resolve: how to achieve your goals